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The information asked for on this kick start form, allows us to build your custom App for you and get it back to you within 5 working days. If you have any questions or would like to book in a call to go over your new app you can do so here.

It takes on average less than 5 minutes to complete this form.

As a reminder this is an exclusive offer for professional Irish firms in conjunction with OmniPro. The MFA platform will provide you and your colleagues with a hub where you each benefit from practice development, CPD and marketing related content. Plus, you can manage your own App, see all clients who have it downloaded and communicate via push-messaging and App-Chat. Your clients each get your own branded App which puts you at the heart of the digital relationship, and simplifies their lives.

App Information

Choose the container you would like for your App. This is what will show on your phones home screen.

This is the code that your clients and staff will use to access your App. Please make sure it is a minimum of 4 characters and doesn't contain special characters.

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This information will be used by MyFirmsApp to set your App up.

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This information will be used by MyFirmsApp as the main point of contact for App related communication.

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These will be used to populate parts of your App and contact us section.

Custom Launch Icons

These are buttons we can build into your App and you can request changes to these at any stage. Examples of these buttons are where you can bring all and any web/cloud based logins you want your clients to use, into this one place. Such as Bookkeeping programmes or Client portals etc. Simply give the button the name you would like and add the link it should use.

Video Channels

We'll use these to add your selected video channels into your App. Leave blank if you do not require any.


Links to your branding and any design direction you would like us to know.

A URL to your high quality logo for example If you can't supply a link, please send your logo here

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